Make your own Solesmith Star

Make your own Solesmith Star

Make your very own star decoration at home as a stylish and super simple accessory! No need for lot's of materials or hundreds of hours spare in a day to complete it, this is the perfect combination of looks really good and it's deceptively easy.  

You may have noticed we're really in to stars this Christmas. We knew the wonder and magic in something so every day was perfect for capturing something special  and truly wonderful this Christmas. And what better way to bring that sense of magic in to the home than with your very own stars!

What you'll need:

  • Paper/card (roughly 160 gsm for a sturdy star)
  • Scissors
  • A ruler

 Fold a square piece of paper in half. Keeping the folded edge at the bottom. 

Bring the bottom right hand corner up towards the opposite left edge, so that the corner is about 3/4 of the way up the left edge.

Now fold the the bottom left corner up towards the top right corner. However you need to create the fold of this corner to match the edge of your previous fold, as in the picture.

Turn the paper over to look at the back of your fold.

Now fold the whole shape in half, so that the now left and right edges meet.


Turn your triangle-like paper back over and cut diagonally upwards from left to right.

Unfold the star to reveal your star! For a really impressive crisp star use scissors or a scalpel to neaten your edges of your star. 

Create a gorgeous display by changing the sizes of your paper and colours! 

We would love to see your star creations, tag us, message us or email with all your photographs!



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