It is officially* impossible to be dancing and sad…

Honestly moving and music -  it’s freeing, it’s silly, it gets your blood moving, it’s just a little bit of happiness available to us at any point in time.

And in line with the Solesmith mission to put a spring in people’s steps, we are launching ‘Dancing in your Socks Wednesdays’

We know, we know, you thought nothing would ever get better than Tess and Claudia on Strictly Come Dancing, but wait, I think we’ve done it**

I mean not that the name isn’t pretty self explanatory but just to share a bit more about what Dancing in your socks Wednesdays is all about…

Obviously it is putting on a pair of socks and dancing…  and as we know life is busy we think it’s helps to schedule it in so we recommend we do this on a Wednesday*** And then after all the dancing we all have a spring in our steps for the rest of the day.

So on a Wednesday we’ll be uploading a video of someone dancing in their Solesmiths to our Instagram. Woo Hoo!

We should maybe add a small disclaimer here, to be very honest despite at least seven months of Thursday night dance lessons when we were 14, we aren’t quite at professional levels – and actually I think that might be the key to it. So if you are just checking out our ‘Dancing in your Socks Wednesdays’  videos we hope that any embarrassment that we may feel when dancing in the kitchen/office at least has the benefit of making anyone watching smile.

However, to make this even better, we humongously recommend getting involved and taking a few minutes to let loose around your kitchen - we are pretty sure it will put you in a good mood.

And finally we also believe that happiness is contagious, so please share, tag, message friends, get dancing with your husband, your kids, your cleaners and your colleagues. Plan dance routines, air guitar, lose yourself in a sing-along, dad dance and when it makes you feel a little bit happier – pass that on 😊

Literally all you need to take part is a pair of socks and the ability to move to music.

So we’ll see you on the dance floor of life!


Lauren and the Solesmith Team



*okay maybe not officially in the official sense of the word officially but that just means that we haven’t done any scientific research, we’re still pretty sure we’re right.

**obviously we haven’t

*** Honestly we won’t hold it against you if you do it on a Thursday

And here you are: Week one, THE LAUNCH of Dancing in your socks Wednesdays...




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