Day Three

Today I am going to work. Sounds like I stupid thing to do when I should be isolating. My lovely boss and all round fantastic person (yes I know I’m sucking up here but wouldn’t you if you knew your boss was going to read this?) has arranged for my hours to change to I don’t come into contact with anyone. I only work 13.5 hours a week normally, and I am always in early, sometimes two hours before anyone else, so this shouldn’t be too much of a change to routine. The plan is to come in for 7:00 and leave for 9:00 when everyone else starts to arrive. And instead of doing the 3 mornings a week I usually do, I’ll spread my hours out over more days. What could go wrong?

So I woke up at 4.20, no reason at all to be awake at this sort of time -  my body just doesn’t like me and likes to wind me up by giving an already exhausted person even less sleep then the average healthy person. What a **** (I’d add an expletive here but as the boss has said she’ll put this blog on the  website, I won’t). With all this time to burn before going to work I stick the TV on, obviously there is nothing on but the news. Or should I say nothing on TV but Coronavirus. Not the best thing to watch at half 4 in the morning. It looks like 2-3 weeks from now the numbers here in England are going to be as high as Italy right now. The advice is don’t go out, even healthy people. What am I doing going to work?

No one will be there, you won’t see anybody, you wont be in contact with anybody. I should be safe.

Quick flick through Facebook before I leave. VIRUS LIVES ON SURFACES FOR UPTO 4 DAYS. My face drops, maybe I wont be safe after all. I always do this thing where I constantly touch things (not other people, I can someone reading this now and laughing to themselves saying ‘I bet you do!’) and then rub my face, stick my finger in nose or my mouth. We all do it don’t we?

So full of fear I go to work. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this up. On the one hand it’ll be my only escape from my prison and on the other, every time I leave the house I run the possibility of catching this bloody thing. Starting to question this isolation. It’s going to be along time locked away with no one to talk to, away from family and work colleagues (I nearly wrote friends but in reality I don’t see many friends any more, it’s just another symptom of having ME).

Might have to stop work all together, I’ll sleep on it.

Tomorrow will be a better day.





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