Day 5

Last night the prime minister put us on lock down, which means I won’t be able to see my daughter for a while. Who knows how long this will go on for. In England we were lucky in some ways because we had a 2-3 week advantage over other European countries. In my opinion we should have locked down a long time ago, it would have saved thousands of lives in the long term. Too late for that now, we’ll just have to ride it out.

This morning the sun was shinning so I opened up my doors, put some music on and did an hour of sun bathing, its probably the only sun I’ll see all day. I always feel better in the sun so this the possibility of loosing spring and summer to the virus is a sad thought.

Last night was a low point for me, the realisation of what’s in store for the next few months kicked in.

On the plus side, yesterday I made up a DIY hanging basket when I went back to my garden, I had started some lettuce seeds last month, so I put them in an old tub I had, drilled some holes in the side and tie wrapped it to my balcony. Next month I should have some fresh greens to have with my rations.

On a positive note, I saved a bee this morning. I saw it flying around the door, then it got stuck in a spiders Web. I knew I had to save the precious bee and do my bit for the environment. I quickly jumped up to action. This bee wasn’t going to die on my watch! Within seconds I had found something long and sturdy (a TV remote) and I started to push the bee, the more pushed the more the bee got tangled, I started to panic, I had to do more to save the bee! I prodded it harder with one hand and with the other I was furiously sweeping the Web away. When I had lost all hope of saving the bee it some how struggled out the Web and flew off. It was like watching the underdog in a film defy all the odds and become the hero.

So today ended up a good day for someone essentially locked in a room!

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