Last night the government said if you are in the ‘high risk’ group then you should not be going to work. So it looks like I’ll be spending almost all my time in my room from now on. I’m going to see my daughter in the garden later today but I think that will be the last visit. It's not worth the risk anymore, too many healthy people are getting the virus and becoming ill. I worry for my wife who is looking after the children.

Being stuck in a small space is doing some strange things to me. Usually at home if I had free energy/time I would fill it with a book or find something low energy to keep my mind busy, and I would look forward to these times because they were rare. Now I have more time and energy I find myself sitting in silence staring out the window or looking at the wall, not really thinking about much, just sitting in silence. My friend has given me an old camping chair to use, he said its done him proud and it’s comfy, well when I opened it up and sat down it had to be the most uncomfortable thing I have ever sat on, there was a leg that had broken off and was poking into me. The whole chair is tipping forward and for some reason cuts the circulation off in my legs. With my new free time I went on a mission to figure out what was going on. I got a tie wrap and fixed the broken leg, and stuck a cushion from my bed on the seat, I got an old cardboard box for a foot rest and now it’s acceptable. I can sit there for five whole minutes now without it becoming unbearable.

I wonder how long all this will go on for? I was really excited about my veg garden this year. When I got ill I lost all my hobbies and interests because I just didn’t have the energy to do them. Out of desperation and being incredibly poor I decided i'd try and grow some food. It failed miserably and turned out to be not that cheap. But I caught the bug, and when I moved house the garden was big enough to create a little veg patch. Last was a good year and I managed to grow tomatoes and lettuce and kale,. It kept my mind busy and the kids enjoyed picked the tomatoes off the plant. We even had a pet frog down there but my daughter was scared of it so maybe that’s not a positive thing.

Anyway I had planned my garden this year so my only cost would be some seeds, and everything I grew would essentially be free. Problem is I won’t be able to get down there and grow anything. If I was isolated at my house everything would be fine. Life would be pretty normal for me in fact. I rarely leave the house as it is. Might see if arrangements can be made so I can go back home in a few weeks. As everything starts to shut down I hope people will start taking it all more seriously.

The sun stops shinning in my room at exactly 9.52. After that it’s cold. Also there’s a guy in the house opposite who (no joke) spends half an hour washing up on the sink by the window, half an hour! Who takes that long washing up? It’s only a 2 bed house, I bet it’s only him in there.

Stay safe people, tomorrow will be a better day! (or will it? I should probably say next year will be a better year?)


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