Crafting the Perfect Mother's Day

Crafting the Perfect Mother's Day

Sometimes Mother’s Day isn’t all put your feet up and breakfast in bed (we have our little monsters to thank for that!) so here at Solesmith we’ve come up with some ways to keep them entertained while still enjoying your day.

Play Dress Up

How exciting to be someone else for the day, and who better than a superhero, because lets face it Mums are our number one heroes with all they do for us.

Our personalised super mum socks and jumpers can be personalised to your family, and for even more fun check out our creative blogs for some freebies, printables and more adventure ideas.

Personalised Gift Sweatshirt- Supermum

Personalise Socks- Super Mum


Inspire the next Van Gogh (or maybe more Picasso)

A simple but fun way to keep them entertained, get the craft box out and watch the magic happen. And what better way to showcase their gorgeous drawings than to add them to some personalised socks to keep forever

Personalised Socks With Your Child's Drawing


Making the Perfect Handmade Gift

Dad this ones for you, get the pens and paper out and help them make an adorable card, picture, or some interesting origami to gift to Mum this Mother’s Day.

Their adorable scribbles can even be added to our range of personalised handwriting gifts to keep them in tact.

Handwriting Upload Mother's Day Socks

Personalised Handwriting Cushion


Take a look over on our creative blog for more adventure ideas, freebies, and printables.

We'd love to hear how you spent your day and if you tried any of our suggestions, tag us on Instagram with #solesmith

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