Mothering Sunday- It's Not Just For Mums

Mothering Sunday- It's Not Just For Mums

With mothering Sunday just around the corner (Sunday 14th March in case you’d forgotten!) it’s a great time to consider those motherly figures in our lives, because sometimes that’s not just mums.

A mother can come in many different shapes and sizes, whether it’s a step-mum, foster mum, mother’s-in-law, father, brother, sister, granny or whoever, Mother’s Day is a great time to reflect on those special people in your life and thank them for all they do.

Treating them to a unique gift is a great way to show your appreciation, here are a few of our favourite picks for mother’s day which can be personalised to whoever is the mum in your life:


Language of Flowers Letterbox Socks


Rubbish with words? Tell her just what she means to you through the language of flowers. Each flower represents a different attribute or personality trait they may have or represent about your relationship. Take a look at our Creative Blog for our latest post about the Language of Flowers


Embroidered Rainbow Socks

Embroidered Rainbow Socks

Personalise these colourful socks with Mum, Mam, Gran, or even their initials for a cosy treat to put their feet up in, as they deserve to!


Mum, Teacher, Hero Personalised Jumper

Mum Teacher Hero Personalised Jumper

This jumper can be fully personalised to the amazing roles they play in your life and you are grateful for.


Personalised Not So Evil Step Mum Socks

Personalised Not So Evil Step Mum Socks

Because life isn't a fairy tale and actually step-mums can be pretty great! Send her these fun socks to tell her just how great she is for stepping up to be your Mum.


Personalised Glitter Gin Socks


After all that caring and loving (and cooking and cleaning and everything else they do for you) they deserve to put their feet up with a cheeky glass of gin!

So this Mother's Day send some love to all the Motherly figures in your life!

We'd love to hear about those special people who have stepped up to be a Mum in your life and the gifts you have bought for them, so why not tag us in your posts on social media using #solesmith

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