All You Need is Love...and Your Pet this Valentine's

All You Need is Love...and Your Pet this Valentine's

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches, but who needs a partner to enjoy the day when you can spend it cuddling up with your four-legged friend!

Here at Solesmith's we are obsessed with our pets, from cuddly kitty's to perfect pooches (including our gorgeous office dog Mexi). As we all know, animals are more than just pets, they are our companions, friends and some of our most important family members. So this Valentine's day, cuddle up in front of the fire with your fur baby.

Valentine's may stereotypically be a day for chocolates and champagne, but these are definitely not suitable for your pet so why not try some of our purrrfect (see what I did there) date ideas...

The Romantic Stroll

Set of Two Dog Walking Socks Personalised Gift Set

Fresh air, great views, and your daily exercise, and not to mention the best place to try out our Set of Two Dog Walking Socks.


Cosy Cuddling

Personalised Dog Hair Cushion

Personalised Cat Hair Loungewear Sweatshirt

After that long walk, why not cuddle up for a cosy night in on the sofa. The perfect way to relax with your Personalised Dog Hair Cushion or Personalised Cat Hair Sweatshirt.


Stage a Pet Photoshoot

Personalised Rabbit Pet Photo Socks

I mean, did it really happen if your didn't take a photo of it? So why not capture your adorable date to remember forever. Or even have them with you always on our Personalised Rabbit Pet Photo Socks (also available for your Dog or Cat!)

And of course...

The Exchanging of Gifts

Valentine's Socks From The Dog

And of course it wouldn't be Valentine's without some loving gifts. Our Valentine's Socks From The Dog are the perfect reminder that they love you as much as you love them!

So, this Valentine’s Day forget your partner or the unnecessary app swiping and spend the day with the real love of your life, your pet!

And don't forget its not just your pet who deserve the love, and not just on Valentine's but every day of the year! So share the love and check out the many animals who don't have loving owners to share this Valentine's:


And many more….

We’d love to hear if you tried any of our date ideas or have any more of your own?

Why not share us and your photos of your pooches on instagram using #solesmith x

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