Creative Business Workshop

Creative Business Workshop

Last week we had a day out of the office and a trip into the countryside to attend a creative workshop hosted by Fabplaces. We left feeling very inspired as we had the time to reflect, celebrate and plan for 2018!

It was so inspirational listening to other small businesses share their business story and the journey they have taken to get to where they are now. We were given lots of advice on growing your business Instagram account, branding and designing by the following companies - Fabplaces, Darwin and Grey, Joy Interiors and Miss Sammie Designs. 

Here are just a few Instagram Tips:

  • Quality over quantity
  • Keep a consistent style
  • Hashtags and captions are really important
  • Find similar accounts to you and see what hashtag they are using
  • Tag location
  • Post at peak times
  • Look at stats

The venue was beautifully set up with lots of 'instagramable' photo opportunities - here are just a few of them.


So thank you to the lovely Deb at for a fantastic day filled with lots of creative thinking, making new friends and drinking lots of coffee! (Had to sneak in a cheeky photo of our new coffee socks inspired by the flat lay photo session)



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