Doing something nice

Doing something nice


Then hopefully we've got something suitable here 
(I guess that's our job for as long as it's safe.
We know our gifts aren't essential but we know lots of people want to send a little boost to their friends and family)
And also just to let you know
1. We'll can send it out directly.
2. Add a gift message
3. Generally make it really nice for whoever is lucky enough to receive it... 
4. if you're a key worker or buying for a key worker then we have set up a 30% discount code.
Use: STAYHOME as you check out.
5. Delivery is free
And if you don’t feel comfortable spending money right now... here are some other top tips on being nice: 
- Just Staying Home!! (it's first on the list as it's most important) 
- Arranging a video call 
- Sending a nice text
- Offering to get food for a neighbour to leave on their doorstep
- starting an art project to gift someone once isolation is over. 

Stay Safe Everyone!
Lauren x
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