Every pair you buy we donate a pair to The Scout Association

Every pair you buy we donate a pair to The Scout Association

For every pair of socks that you buy throughout the summer, Solesmith have pledged to donate a pair to great causes.
The Scouts will be using the socks we’re donating on your behalf as part of:
- an initiative to provide school uniforms for children in the UK whose families struggle to obtain or afford all the essentials
- as well as to encourage creativity by using socks at craft fairs and events that the Scouts will be running throughout the year.

Solesmith have a general mission to put a spring in people’s steps. This obviously means designing and creating gorgeous socks and gifts to make people smile but it also means pledging to put a bit more goodness into the world. That’s why we have started this charity initiative donating socks, but also running alongside that is our plan to encourage more people to spread that good feeling and when you are wearing our socks, put a spring in someone else’s step. 


Ideas for putting a spring in someone's step today:

1. Leave a little post-it note with a message on around the house or at work to make someone smile.
2. Help someone out who is struggling for loose change at the car park, on the bus or at the coffee shop.
3. Put in a text, call or visit to someone you’ve not spoken to in a while just to let them know you’re thinking of them.
4. Donate your old books or clothes to a local charity shop, or old towels and blankets to an animal shelter.
5. Say yes to helping at a community clean up, a school fete or bake a cake for a local coffee morning.
So a thanks from us but way more importantly a thanks for Bear Grylls!!!!
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