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Happy Proposal Day - Here Are Our Top Eight Proposal Ideas

Happy National proposal day everybody! We thought we’d take the opportunity to create our list of top ten proposal ideas.
1. Whilst Skydiving. This sounds a little extreme, and it is. But imagine the adrenaline rush of falling at maximum velocity, combined with committing yourself to becoming somebodies spouse. Just don’t drop the ring!
2. Via flash mob! This one takes a whole load of choreography, but if you’re the kind of person that thinks big and your relationship has been full of dramatic moments, it may just fit. Just what the flash mob does is up to you. It could be a choir, a dance routine, a cheerleading troupe saying ‘Will You Marry Me’. Whatever it is, it’ll be memorable.
3. Over the course of a year. Now this is going to take some serious planning. But it’ll be worth the wait. Film yourself with a whiteboard message once a day. Asking ‘will you marry me, name’, then edit them all together into a gorgeous video.
4. Written in the sand, take him/her on a romantic holiday, with the hotel or villa backing on the sea. Make sure your balcony can see the beach. Get up early one morning and write will you marry me in the sand. Then head back upstairs and tell the lucky guy/gal to look out of the window.
5. Organise a treasure hunt around your home, at each stage you could have something memorable from the relationships history, with the final clue leading to a ring.
6. If you’ve always been an adventurous couple, why not book a trip to go deep sea diving. While deep down in the ocean pretend to be performing a diving signal, and pull out a diamond ring.
7. Skywriting, a bit of a cliché these days, but it’s as dramatic as ever to ‘Will You Marry Me’ written in smoke in the sky. Alternatively why not swap places, book your partner a flying lesson, and write ‘Will You Marry Me’ in a nearby field. Then make sure the pilot knows where to go.
8. Of course we had to include our very own ‘Will You Marry Me’ socks, a gorgeous and intimate way to propose. As well as a keepsake you can wear so that you’re often reminded of that fateful day.
BONUS: We also do some gorgeous ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ socks for after the question’s asked (assuming the answer’s yes!).

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