National Pi Day!

National Pi Day!

Happy national Pi Day everybody! To celebrate here are our top eight fun facts about Pi!

1. Pi has been calculated to 12.1 trillion digits. That’s 12,100,000,000,000. In case you were interested the first million decimal places of pi contain 99,959 zeros.

2. Humans brains love to find patterns, it’s how we internalise and perceive the world as a whole. Without simplifying the received information it’d be over whelming. This explains Humans constant search for ever more digits of pi.

3. Einstein so happened to be born on pi day.

4. The Chinese were far quicker to find the first few digits of pi. Their main advantage was that they used a digit for 0 far earlier than western cultures.

5. A common stress test for computer hardware is to calculate the value of pi.

6. Pi has been studied since 2000 B.C., first by the Babylonians, and then more accurately by the ancient Egyptians. Who calculated the value of 3.143.

7. The episode “Wolf in the Fold” in Star Trek, the evil computer in foiled by Spock, who commands it to ‘compute to last digit the value of pi.’

8. In Carl Sagan’s novel Contact, Scientists are able to derive enough digits of pi to find messages hidden by the creators of the human race.

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