Our top 5 stay-at-home date night ideas!

Our top 5 stay-at-home date night ideas!

Since we’re all about championing running your life with your feet up, we thought we’d challenge the Solesmith Sock Stars to all put on their thinking caps and round up our top 5 stay-at-home date ideas, so instead of going out, you can look forward to putting your favourite, cosiest socks on, popping your feet up, and cuddling up with your date!
Whether you’re spending some much needed time with your sole-mate after a long day or your best friend who’s been there for you since day 1 (because sometimes your bestie is your soul mate!), we’ve come up with some date inspiration which with a little bit of planning and a touch of creativity are guaranteed to make for a fun and exciting date night in…
 1. Home Cinema




You can’t beat a cosy night in re-watching your favourite movie for the 50th time (everyone has watched Devil Wears Prada at least that many times, right?), so why not bring the cinema experience home…

What you’ll need:

  • Start by designing some cinema tickets to let your date know the start time and the film or show of choice
  • Set the scene by turning off all the lights and creating a cozy set up with extra blankets and tons of pillows (who said blanket forts are just for kids?)
  • All of your favourite snacks (we love this nachos recipe!)

You could even make the whole experience more authentic by charging loads of money for popcorn!

We recommend our Personalised Home Cinema Family Fleece Blanket for the ultimate film night at home…


 2. Bring the Spa Home

Having a spa night at home is the perfect excuse to spend allll evening in your pjs and dressing gown (because who needs clothes when fuzzy socks and pyjamas exist!)

First, you’ll want to gather all the essentials:

  • Face masks (with sliced cucumbers for the eyes so you can feel just like you’re in the movies!)
  • Bath bombs
  • Body lotions and any other nice potions you have at home.
  • Candles along with slow and melodic soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere (it’s important to keep the room semi-dark so you don’t fall asleep from relaxing too much!)

Then it’s time to soak in a nice warm bubble bath until you feel all prune-y and have fun pampering each other! You could even use your best nail varnish for a quick pedicure or warm your towels in the dryer for extra toasty-ness!

 We recommend our Personalised Reversible Super Soft Dressing Gown as the ultimate way to curl up and enjoy some lounging time…


4. Pizza Party!

What’s better than pizza? Pizza in the shape of a heart!! A DIY pizza date night is the perfect way to get creative, make something delicious and spend some quality time with your date.

You can make it fun by shaping your base into a heart (aww) having lots of different toppings prepared (whether you have pineapple on pizza is a debate for another time!) and replicate the classics or go wild and design your own pizza!

 If you take on the challenge of making your own pizza dough, we recommend you check out our own recipe here… 


4. Try a new skill

Sculpd Candlestick Holders

If you fancy trying something new as well as sparking a bit of love and creativity, why not have a go at trying a new skill or DIY project together?

Here’s some of our favourite ideas:

All you need to do is agree on which one first!


5. Board game night

If you want to crank up the competition and find out who’s the best real-estate agent or who can recite a dictionary front to back, why not dust off Scrabble, Monopoly (we are not responsible for date night lasting allll night!) or Ticket to Ride and have a games night!

Create a cozy atmosphere by putting your comfies on and setting up some snacks and drinks to enjoy whilst you play. To heat the competition up, you could even make a friendly wager, like the loser has to do the dishes, or they have to buy dinner!

To save any future disagreements, we even put together some rules to make playing board games simple and easy!


6. Kitchen Disco

Finally, we thought we’d add a bonus idea, since we’re all for letting your hair down and having a boogie in your socks!

Here’s what you’ll need to have your own kitchen disco at home:

  • Disco drinks and a snack station are also important to make sure everyone stays refreshed so they can carry on the party!
  • Decorations! In our opinion, every kitchen should have a disco ball ready for a kitchen disco! But, if your kitchen doesn’t happen to have one, then you could decorate with balloons, lots of sparkly things or some funky lights.


Happy date night!

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