Prosecco Friday - Solesmith @ ZestFit

Prosecco Friday - Solesmith @ ZestFit

As a full on gym-aphobe, I think I may have just found the exercise class for me...

Prosecco Friday! 



Yep that's right it's an (incredible) exercise class followed by a glass of fizz. It takes place approx. every 6 weeks and a local company sponsors the event, providing the prosecco and hosting a pop up shop. 

Well last Friday was our turn. 

It's run by ZestFit and the amazing Kat, Dannie and Georgie host and put on a total tone class with a live dj, flashing lights and the best atmosphere I think you can find in a fitness studio. 

We had so much fun, we had samples of personalised socks, sportswear and gifts (quite a lot of neon) and we set up in the personal training room. 

Six of the Solesmith team and Ali's daughter Niamh (aka our best sales lady!) went down in neon personalised sports tops, picked up weights, took on the class and got pretty sweaty as well!

After that we opened the doors are let the rest of the 'zesties' into our pop up shop in the PT room. 

What an amazing group of people - everyone was so kind, we loved seeing their personalised motivational slogan they chose on socks, leggings, sports tops and sweatshirts. 

Despite the record heat with us trying to sell socks and black leggings, the night was a massive success - and stay turned for a range of personalised sportswear coming soon. 

We've put together a quick video of the evening here.

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