Put your best foot forward out of lockdown

Put your best foot forward out of lockdown

We are stepping out of Lockdown and into
The 17th of May is a big day for the UK with many restrictions being lifted.
We as a team are all so excited to meet up with friends and family and give them a huge hug.
(not that this means you should go hugging everyone on the street)!
These socks have been super popular with the lead up to the 17th of May, with everyone wanting to let their friends and family know in advance how excited they are to give them a BIG squeeze! 
Alongside hugging the ones we love, there are plenty of other activities we can head back too.
Here is a handy list of what to expect from the 17th of May in the UK, alongside what the team here at Solesmith are looking forward to doing as well.
So first things first, and of course the one all of us here at Solesmith are mostly looking forward to is... a meal and a pint indoors. 
(no more freezing outside and dressing for winter)
Oh no... not anymore, we can get dressed up, meet friends and plan romantic meals with our partners again. So here is a list of products that we think will be fabulous for your first cocktail with friends and pints with mates.
Mates Night Out
This is the perfect tee! Yes we said tee, now we can sit indoors we can practically wear anything (within reason). This tee paired with a pair of jeans will not only look great but will be a fab way to show your best friend just how much you love them and have missed them! The tee is embroidered with the pinky promise symbol that only best friends share... and both of your initials embroidered on to the sleeve.
Enjoy a cocktail or two with your besties in this fabulous tee and why not all wear the embroidered bestie socks!
Time for the lads night out... We know men love a good pint and drinking outside has meant them being rather chilly and I suspect covered in layers.
So it's time to pop into the wardrobe grab the beer tee and beer face socks... and head to the pub with the lads.
These socks are brilliant! These really would be a great way to mark the occasion of the groups first pint together indoors, with you all wearing your faces or why not for fun wear each others faces on these really silly beer photo socks.
Holiday Time
Time to put that fake tan down and grab the suitcases, swimsuits and personalised holiday towels and head to the glorious sunny beaches. 
We all love a good old holiday and SOOO many of us missed out last year as honeymoons and girly weekends were all cancelled. But its time to make up for it.. and we have everything you will need to make your holiday even more amazing!
Whether its a family weekend away in a caravan or a girls week away in Ibiza! These towels would be fab for all the girls to take on holiday each with your own name personalised onto the towel alongside your favourite drinks.
Lots of honeymoons were all sadly postponed so now not only can we have more people attend our BIG day, but we can finally get that honeymoon in the sunny sunshine with the ones we love!
These towels would be a great addition to your honeymoon.
Staying Local? Then this towel would be a great addition to the caravan. Whether you love a British holiday or not, we all have fond memories of family holiday's in our caravans!
Gyms and indoor activities reopen
Now I'm certainly no gym bunny myself, but I know a lot of people are and are looking forward to getting back into the gym. So whether you're heading back to the gym to work off those extra few pounds (more like stones for me) or heading to the local swimming baths for a swim then we have something for you. Who doesn't love a personalised towel? Or better yet a personalised gym towel with a handy zipped pocket? and.. if your one of those couples that love to do everything together then we have the matching towels for you too.
For those like me that are forever thinking of going to the gym.. but not quite making it. Then these are the perfect socks for you!
Now it's all very exciting for us to head outside, but of course some of us might still be self isolating or feeling wary about socialising indoors and that's ok too.
We all have been through an awful lot this past year and it will take us all some time to feel more confident and comfortable.
So if you are feeling a little unsure about venturing outdoors just yet then we have some things to keep you occupied at home and products to keep you feeling cosy and happy whilst doing activities you love.
We have lots of games to play, all personalised for that little extra special touch...


Date Nights and Movie Nights

Not quite ready to venture out to the cinema? No problem we can bring the cinema to you, with our lovely super soft personalised cinema blankets. Our date night blankets are perfect to snuggle underneath with your partner and snack on popcorn and drink lots of wine!

We hope this blog has made you smile and gave you some ideas of things to do at home or outside (or indoors).

As a team we can not wait to do all of the above ourselves, I personally can't wait to go for a meal and watch a film with my Mum at the Red Carpet in Barton under Needwood, Steph can not wait to go for cocktails with her boyfriend. Charlie our tech wizard is looking forward to his favorite curry with friends at Anoki in Burton on Trent. Jessica our resident plant expert is looking forward to a gin and tonic with friends in Birmingham. Sarah part of our amazing embroidery team is looking forward to booking a spa day with her friends. Adella our resident all rounder that can do it all is looking forward to going to the art gallery in Derby with her sister after moving here during lockdown. Sophie can not wait to go to a wedding fair with her wedding taking place in October of this year. 

What can you not wait to be able to do?

Thank you for reading this blog we hope you enjoyed it and you loved our products, keep an eye out as new products are created each and everyday.

Take care and enjoy spending time safely with family and friends again and have a cocktail or two for us.

 Love from Jemma and the Solesmith team 


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