Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week


18th – 24th February
 Gift socks to Dad

This is the week we are embracing random acts of kindness, giving for no reason other than to spread a bit of joy. So little gestures like going out of your way to ask how someone is (and how they really are), popping over to an elderly neighbour or donating a bit of time to charity.

Kindness is contagious and so we thought this week we would help start off a few streams of kindness by asking for nominations of friends, relatives, or even strangers who you’d like to send a little out of the blue surprise to.

Nominate someone to receive a little bit of happy post – a pair of socks to land on their doormat with a little message of kindness from you.Happy Post

To nominate, head to our Facebook page, Facebook.com/Solesmith.co.uk or our Instagram (Instagram.com/solesmiths) and tag a friend (or don’t tag them if you’d rather it be a surprise)

Every day this week, we will pick one of the nominations and organise sending a little gift of kindness to them.

And do share other ideas for random acts of kindness. 


Solesmith cannot be held responsible for tears of joy, sporadic acts of selflessness or a happy all day feeling resulting from the nominating process or the receiving on a pair of Solesmith socks.  

Nominations are open until 16:00 Sunday 23rd. Solesmith will be picking the winners based on your nominations and is solely at our discretion. If we select your nomination, we will ask for an address and a short message from you. Our mantra for this week (and forever more) - Be Kind, Always.  

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