#SOCKSUNDAY interview with bookstagrammer and blogger @seeliebitch

#SOCKSUNDAY interview with bookstagrammer and blogger @seeliebitch

We are back with another interview with Amira, an Australian bookstagrammer and blogger who has a destructive obsession with books (mainly fantasy novels). With over 3k followers on Instagram you will fall in love with her tranquil autumnal photography - typically with a cosy cup of cocoa!


How did you find out about sock Sunday?

I found out about #SockSunday through other bookstagrammers. I saw some of my favourites posting about their pictures weekly and became inspired to begin to do the same!

Can you tell us about your bookstagram, and what inspired you to start it?

I’ve always been an avid reader, from very early childhood to this very day—and a few months ago I realised how detached I’d become with the literary world and how much I missed becoming immersed in another amazing book series! I had been a fan of other bookstagram accounts before I started my own, and seeing some of them interact with other bookstagrammers about the books they post about really urged me to make one too so that I could do the same! Starting my bookstagram really helped me get back into books, and it’s just such a warm community to be apart of.

 Who is your favourite bookstagrammer/ sockstagrammer?

I have so many favourites, so here are a few of them:







 What is your dream reading spot?

I love reading in places that bring me comfort—whether it be in bed with candles lit, out in the company of the woods with a hot chocolate in hand, or simply in front of a fireplace.


Tell us about your favourite childhood book?

I distinctly remember lying in bed past my bed time with one of the Tashi's adventure books in hand, reading about him journeying through some dark, magicial places and wishing I was there with him!

Have you always enjoyed reading and been into books?

Yes. As far as my memory serves, I've always enjoyed reading, and learning to read. I enjoy it more and more every day!

What's your favourite sock design of ours?

I am utterly in LOVE with the bookworm sock design pair, and am dying to get my hands on them to add to my collection! Of course, I am obsessed with the gorgeous pair I already own:

Do you have any celebrity followers?

No A-lists I'm afraid, not that I know of, anyway - but I do recall my heart beating super fast at certain somebodies following my bookstagram! I certainly didn't expect these things to happen starting bookstagram, but of course, I'm not complaining!

What book are you currently reading?

I'm currently reading The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, and a few tales from the Arabian Nights!



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