#SOCKSUNDAY interview with bookstagrammer's @webookingloveit

#SOCKSUNDAY interview with bookstagrammer's @webookingloveit

Recently we have been so book inspired by Instagram and when we first discovered sock sunday it left us feeling fresh and motivated, with new designs brewing and books on order. We found some lovely bookstagrammers along the way especially @webookingloveit - Star and Fleur two sisters who love to read!

We couldn't resist in sending them a pair of our socks for them to feature on there lovely Instagram and delve into this cult phenomenon! Here they are today:

 How did you find out about sock Sunday? 

We discovered Sock Sunday via Instagram – or more specifically through the Bookstagram Community.  

 Can you tell us about your Bookstagram, and what inspired you to start it?

For years we have followed certain Bookstagrammers such as @howlingpages, this then lead us to find out about @Fairyloot (a monthly book subscription box). It was then that we found our love of bookish goodies and the Bookstagram community. From September 2016 we started Webookingloveit, and have since developed our theme which is whimsical and fairy-tale based. We are often inspired by other Bookstagrammers and the books we read. 

 Who is your favourite Bookstagrammer/ sockstagrammer?

Wow, we have so many! Star particularly loves @forthelove_ofbooks and @pollyandbooks. And Fleur adores the photos by @thebookranter and @accio_library. We both are in awe of @boookmarky as a sockstagrammer, her pics are amazing!

 What is your dream reading spot?

In reality our reading spot is our beds, but if we could pick a dream location I think this would be in our own little library on a big comfy chair with a faux fur throw keeping us cosy and warm -ideally in a little cabin with a window looking out onto a forest! 

 Tell us about your favourite childhood book?

We have both always loved fairy tales so Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm have always been a favourite- and still are today! One other book that sticks out to Star was ‘Dreamboat Zing’- the illustrations were so good! 

 Have you always enjoyed reading and been into books?

Definitely! Our mum has always been a big reader and always encouraged us to read. Our home was always full of stacks of books and overflowing bookcases.

 What’s your favourite sock design of ours?

Well as Bookstagrammers of course we have to go for the ‘Lost In A Book’ design, but honestly there are so many awesome personalised options to go for its hard to choose!

 Do you have any celebrity followers?

Mmm… Well we have some authors of our favourite books that follow us, and we also have some followers who we view as celebrities in the bookstagramming world, such as @Lisalostinlit and @lifeandliterature, but other than that I’m afraid not at the moment!

What book are you currently reading?

Star has just started reading ‘Entwined’ by Heather Dixon which is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Fleur is just about to start reading ‘Rose Blood’ by A. G. Howard, which is also a retelling but of The Phantom of the Opera. 


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