The Essential Game Night Check List

The Essential Game Night Check List



The Ultimate Game Night

To celebrate our new collection of Personalised Games we are having Board Game Week at Solesmith! We have thought of everything so you don't have to!! 

We would love for you to have the best night in with friends and family because times like these are good for the soul! 

The Game Night Checklist

Don't forget these must haves for your upcoming game night. 

1.) A choice of games (more chances of winning!)

2.) Plenty of good snacks. Click here for foodie inspiration!

3.) Drinks in the fridge. Click here for easy drink ideas. 

4.) The perfect throwback playlist ready

5.) Cosy socks and Comfy PJs. See our Game Night Wardrobe for inspiration!

6.) Blankets, Floor Cushions, Fluffy Rugs (aim = to be comfy as possible)


Click here for your downloadable checklist! You can even print it and add anything you've think we've missed!


If you need inspiration for delicious food, a cheeky homemade cocktail or you need to clarify some rules for your game night, we've got you! We've truly have made you a guide with everything you need! Take a look through our blog to find everything for our game guide.

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