The Perfect Valentine's Day

The Perfect Valentine's Day

What to do what to do.. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You need a gift that’s both original and classic. Useful but interesting. Something that is hand made for your love.
The Perfect Valentine’s Day

First Thing
Wake them up with a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee, not sure what to get or how to brew it? Check out for some handy tips on making a fabulous cup o’ Joe.
Next up, breakfast in bed. Perhaps you’re a regular Heston Blumenthal and have a specialty meal you’re world famous for.. or perhaps you struggle for ideas. Why not check out UK blogger wellwornwhisk’s guide to a baked English breakfast.
Brunch-time Activity
A mid-morning stroll is a wonderful way to work off the breakfast, but this time of year it can be chilly out and so our next gift recommends are from our own winter range. First up- the ever-popular, personalised scarf. 
Not a ‘scarf person’? No problem. Here’s something everyone could use –
Welly Socks            
If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s nowhere better than Derbyshire’s peak district to go for a wander, but if you’re not from round here (imagine the appropriate accent) and need some inspiration. We’d recommend this chilled-out blog.
After the walk you’re probably feeling peckish. It’s time for lunch. For some excellent and nutritional ideas head to Charlie’s Kitchen Shed. We really love the Egg Baked Sweet Potatoes.

Pre-dinner Drinks and Chocolate
How about some delicious chocolate to get you through until dinner time– you could get the normal Thornton’s/Lindt variety, but for when that doesn’t cut the mustard, why not check out this fine blog for somewhere to get chocolate that you won’t want to take to work? Mostly About Chocolate
Ask them to put their feet up- 
and whip out the prosecco. To make it extra special why not add a splash of Sloe gin and a couple of blackberries (for the uninitiated - this is called a ‘Forager’s Fizz’) and is an office party favourite here at Alphs. 
On to dinner. Break out the big guns. Home-cooking is always preferred, and if it’s the person who doesn’t usually cook doing the cooking, even better. Here are some tips for going that extra mile.
- Candles, cliché? Perhaps. But who doesn’t love a candle lit dinner? They can transform your well-known room into a restaurant for two.
- Roses. Another well-trodden path to Valentine’s romance. Decorate the table, and leave a trail from the front door to the dining room, then from the dining room up the stairs..
- No television allowed. Put on some quiet, chilled music to set the mood. Something classy like Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra.
For the meal itself, there are a thousand great recipe sites, but this is one of our favourites for valentines meal ideas – Divine Dinner Party
If ambition takes over you and the urge is uncontrollable, give lobster a go. Always impressive. A true classic of fine-dining. Here’s a recipe anybody could follow - Lobster Pot Pies 
You could even match the meal with a present.

Lobster socks- inspired by that famous Friends quote ‘he’s her lobster’. Thanks Phoebe.
If you’ve never watched friends (where have you been!?), the point is that Lobsters mate for life, and can often be seen holding claws with their partners, those tasty crustaceans are true romantics.
Extra Presents
Obviously you know we love socks, socks are our jam, or bread and butter, or both! What’s that old expression? ‘Nothing says I Love You like the perfect pair of personalised socks..’, perhaps not old, but we’re hoping it catches on.
We offer a whole variety of socks tailored to valentines, but here are my personal favourites.

Penguin Socks –
One of our best sellers, probably thanks to Happy Feet and David Attenborough’s life’s work. Penguins also mate for life, look after their little ones, and hold the record for having cutest babies. These lovely guys are even holding hands.

Thanks for reading
Now you’ve got the road map to a perfect Valentine’s day. Go forth young lovers, and be wonderful to each other!

Written by Harry Cooper for
P.S. Something to put in the card-

‘In a World full of temporary things
You are a perpetual feeling’
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