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The Stages of Love - From a secret crush to growing old together

The Stages of Love

Gifting for big occasions such as Valentine’s Day, or Christmas can be a tricky path to tread especially in the modern age of dating.

From having a secret crush, to the ‘are we exclusive’ chat, to the lovey dovey gushy early love phase to the long distance relationships, long term relationships, all the way to 50 years of being there for each other. Our curation team has put together the story behind our Valentine’s range for love at every stage…

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 Oh the true meaning of Valentine’s, asking someone to be your partner of that day…. And if katie three cubicles down doesn’t know about all your crush you can keep it secret!
He likes her, she likes him. The biggest modern day dating moment - becoming exclusive. 
 To the let’s keep these sock between the two of you, a little bit too much gush to share on Instagram
 Who doesn’t love a great proposal... and more importantly the start of a new story
He’s her lobster! For the only person you want to walk around the seabed with holding hands forever more
So much Luuurrrrvvve!

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