We're Friends of Joules!

We're Friends of Joules!


Have you heard the news?! We are working with the amazing company Joules. We are now selling some exclusive products on their beautiful digital marketplace called Friends of Joules. We just can’t tell you enough how excited we are to be friends with this lovely bunch!

A Little Bit About Joules

This company is known for its gorgeous, high quality products. The company just resonates feelings of being in the beautiful British countryside breathing fresh air. They now sell a massive range of products, from rain coats, to garden furniture and they even have their name on a Gin!
The company has wholesome beginnings and a heart-warming story of hard work and determination (that would make great tv!) Starting in 1989, selling on just one stall at a Leicestershire Country Show. They saw the real need for not only practical clothing but clothing that you wanted to wear, clothing that’s beautifully made and beautiful to wear.
The business began to grow and they truly found their place. There were, however, challenges along the way. The outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in 2001 meant country shows were cancelled, leaving the small business in a real pickle! They were determined this would not be the end of Joules. They took their stock to shops and businesses across the country and inspired them to sell their beautiful items.
They could not believe their success (but we can, their items are just gorgeous!) The business has obviously gone from strength to strength, now they sell with huge companies like John Lewis and Harrods and have many of their own stores. So we're obviously over the moon to be able to work with such a successful company.

Solesmith & Joules

This week was definitely an exciting one, we went live on Joules! We have worked behind the scenes this past month making products that we hope Joules and their lovely customers would love! We really love our collection and hope our lovely customers do too!
We love the work Joules do, they work with a number charities and they constantly look to make sustainable choices. We’re so glad to have made this friendship and we hope to see it grow! 
Joules have selected some of their favourite products, click the link below to take a look. Do you agree with their choices?!
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