Our top 7 essentials you should pack for your first ski holiday!

Our top 7 essentials you should pack for your first ski holiday!

Congrats, You’ve just booked your first ski holiday! Now time to look forward to sashaying down Alpe d’Huez’s snowy runs, snow-shoeing across the Tigne’s slopes, or, maybe you’re even there just for the table-top dance parties at the Après ski (I won’t judge!). But what exactly do you pack for a ski holiday?
I know that thinking about what to pack for your first ski trip may seem like a snowy code you just can’t crack (and sometimes it may be very tempting to just bundle allll of your favourite knitwear into a suitcase and consider yourself done!)  
Don’t panic! Instead, kick your feet up, pop your favourite, cosiest socks on, and grab a hot chocolate (if you need some inspiration, check out some hot choc recipes over on our Instagram here!) because the Sock Stars have come up with our top 7 often overlooked essentials that you’ll need for your first ski trip! We’re not talking about the basics, obviously you’ll need all your ski gear and lots and lots of layers (you can’t have enough!) to take on and off, but we’ve rounded up some essentials that you might not think to bring…
1. Socks, Socks, Socks!

We know we might be a little bit biased with being the cult personalised sock company (not to toot our own horn here!), but a good pair of ski socks are essential for any ski holiday and are just as important as any other item of your base layer for skiing. Trust us, you’ll have enough to worry about with navigating the slopes without the addition of blisters and cold feet to worry about!

Although your feet will be well protected inside your ski boots (if they are fitted properly!),  a good pair of ski socks should feature:

  • Wicking fabrics that promote breathability to keep your feet warm and dry
  • Fine toe seams which reduce the risk of blisters
  • Contoured areas for a snug fit and which keep your socks from sliding down!
  • Extra padding and support around your arch, ankle and shin to stabilize your feet and prevent injuries

I always recommend (and gift to all the skiers I know) our Personalised Super Skier Ski socks (Bonus points – they’re personalised so everyone will know how much of a super skier you are!)


2. Sunscreen, Lip balm and your Sunnies!

 We know you’re thinking, “Sunscreen? But it’s Winter!” right now, but don’t let cloudy days on the slopes fool you! The higher altitude of ski resorts means that there is less atmosphere to block out UV rays. Without sunscreen and lip balm (2 of the most overlooked ski-trip essentials!), you’ll be putting yourself at risk of waking up on the second day with panda eyes from a lovely ski-goggle tan line (which is not fun!)

So, make sure to slather on sunscreen, moisturize, and use lip balm to protect yourself against the harsh elements of the sun and the cold. When you’re not on the slopes, your sunnies are also essential!

I love this Cherry lipbalm from Mallows Beauty! 


3. A Cosy pair of Slipper Socks!

 Whilst you don’t want to over-pack for your ski trip, there’s honestly no greater luxury than getting out of the shower at the end of a long day skiing and retiring your feet from your ski boots to a pair of slipper socks, in fact, your feet will thank you! Chalet style really means warm, fluffy, and cosy slippers.

Just think you could be curling up in front of the fire with a hot cup of cocoa and playing some games (we've linked our essential game night checklist here too!)

I love our Monogram Super Soft Slipper Socks in the cream on cream combo!


4. A Warm Bobble Hat

Ski helmets are essential for every skier (super easy to rent out once you’re in the mountains)  but what about when you’re not skiing and going out for dinner, drinks, tobogganing, or even a snowball fight? A warm, cosy bobble hat keeps your ears toasty. I always think a bold colour is best, as they’re great for really helping your friends spot you out in the crowd.

I recommend our Lightning Bolt Embroidered Winter Hat, perfect for looking stylish on the slopes… Ooh and did I mention that they’re great for hiding helmet hair!


 5. A Flask for the Apres Ski!

Obviously, I’m advising you to stay hydrated when we say that a flask is  essential for your first ski trip…

When you’re skiing in chilly weather, there’s nothing quite like taking a swig of your favourite drink to warm you up. Whether it’s a shot of whiskey, a hot toddy or a warm tea, or you’re just headed off to the Apres ski (to get piste!), your flask might become your new best friend. It might even also come in handy with liquid courage when it comes to tackling even the most intimidating slopes (though you didn’t hear that from me!)

I am obsessed with our Go Bananas Personalised Hip Flask! A great shape for a bum bag and guaranteed to make you the coolest on the slopes and to add a touch of flair to your ski (or Apres ski!) style…


6. A Good Pair of Ski Gloves

Again, just like ski socks, I cannot stress how much quality counts when it comes to ski gloves! Having your hands wrapped around your ski poles for the majority of the day means that your poor fingers become incredibly susceptible to the cold. Trust me when I say I’ve learnt from experience that there is nothing worse than aching, bitingly-cold hands! Since then, I’ve been happy to incest a little more into a good pair of ski gloves!

I personally like these ‘Big Bear’ Gloves from Roxy, especially as they have textured palms and fingers to provide additional grip, so I don’t have to worry about dropping my poles!


7. Swimwear!

 You might think that arctic conditions and a swimsuit are an odd pairing (I remember I was a bit skeptical before my first time on the slopes!), but, much like swapping your ski boots for a pair of slipper socks, heading to the warm sanctuary of a steam room or a sauna to wind down after a long day of skiing does absolute wonders to tired and heavy limbs!

Most chalets and hotels offer spa facilities, and the scent of hot coals and warm pine is an integral part of mountain life! Although swimwear might not be top of your list of what to pack for your first ski trip, swimwear is an essential you won’t want to forget.

To pair with your swimwear and to lounge around the spa facilities, I love our Island Inspired Beach Towel. Since it’s personalised with your name, you can never get it muddled up with anyone else’s!


Happy Skiing!
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