Our top things to do that are just plain nice

Our top things to do that are just plain nice

Some top things to do that are just plain nice and lovely...

 - Just stay in your home and sit on your sofa (it's pretty simple but its super important)
- Have a think if there's anyone you know that might be having a hard time at the moment, even a quick message could brighten their day!

Keep connected! Call your mum or that friend you haven't spoken to in a while and talk about the silly things. No heavy topics allowed!

Create! Don't be too worried about the end result, it's all about getting your mind working. Whether it's getting out some old paints, writing that story you've been thinking of forever or cooking some homemade bread for the first time (maybe you couldn't get any in the shops) now is the time to do it!

 -Do nothing! It's okay if you spent the day in the comfiest clothes you could find or haven't really moved from the sofa. It's easy to feel a little bit lost at the moment and even a bit guilty. Use this time to look after yourself and actually just enjoy doing nothing for a change. As long as you stayed home, we're proud!

Play your favourite song, very loud. Everyone has that song, that happy song. You'll be surprised just how much your mood lifts and the memories just come flooding back! This is the time for a throwback!

- Make your home a sanctuary. Picture that scene from A Series of Unfortunate Events where they find sanctuary in evil Olaf's attic (if you haven't seen it, you know what to do). Think fairy lights, snuggly blankets and a bit atmospheric dim lighting. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not mean a deep clean or redecorate your entire house, 'cause who's got the energy for that?! Just shut the curtains up on an evening, light a candle, put your fluffy slippers on and sink in to the softest thing you can find. 

I hope you can find some escapism in these ideas.  Let's just look to the future, and be so thankful we can be at home and healthy. And think how very happy you'll be staring down at your first maccies order after however long, and knowing you earned this.

Erin Tuckwell, Creative Exec and Solesmith newbie



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