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The Difference Between Right And… Socks, socks, - ALPHS

The Difference Between Right And… Socks


These cheeky personalised socks are a great little thank you to a Dad for teaching you the difference between right and.... Left!!!

These fun socks are a quirky way to say a big thanks to your Dad, Mum or Grandpa. 

They take te traditional saying of "thanks for teaching me the difference between right and wrong" and replacing it with LEFT! (on te left foot of course!) 

These socks make a great gift from a trouble-making son, or a daughter who realises now how much of a headache she caused. 

The socks are a stunnning bright red with the print over the toes. 

The socks are available in red or black. They can be personalised with a name of someone to thank (e.g. Dad, Grandpa, James)

made from:

80% cotton 18% Nylon 2% lycra


Men's 7 - 11