Easy Drinks for your Perfect Night In

Easy Drinks for your Perfect Night In

To celebrate Games Week this week Solesmith are putting together an essential guide to a game night in to remember. We've got you covered on food and now we're making drinks! Click here for our foodie part of the guide! We hope you enjoy your drink sensibly, but top tip stick to the non-alcoholic drinks to get an advantage over your opponents! 

The Drinks

A rather important part of any night in is having a refreshing beverage to hand! So we've come up with 3 alcoholic and non- alcoholic drink ideas we hope you'll love!
A Quick Hugo Spritz
This is a great one for using up the not so nice prosecco you were bought for a birthday and it's only three ingredients! 
Soda water or tonic
Elderflower Liqueur 
In a wine glass, or really any glass you fancy (that pink flamingo one at the back of the cupboard will be great!) put a generous amount of ice. Add a single measure of the Elderflower Liqueur (about 25ml but whos counting), then about 50ml of the soda or tonic. Then top the rest up with prosecco! Done!
We have the perfect socks you didn't know you needed to go with this drink!


Non-Alcoholic Fruit Punch
Again, this is only three ingredients, and you're likely to have them on your weekly shop! 
Summer Fruits Cordial
Apple and Mango Juice
Soda Water/Lemonade 
Optional decorative strawberries!
Take a tall glass and fill half way with ice (and add any strawberries you fancy!). Add enough apple and mango juice so it reaches the ice. Then add the soda water or lemonade almost to the top, leaving about a centimetre of space. Then fill the glass to the top with the cordial. The yellow and the red will make a really cool gradient!
A Twisted Iced Latte
This is a boozy twist on the daytime favourite. Feel free to keep a clear head and keep yours booze free (you'll definitely have better odds of winning that way!)
Semi-Skimmed Milk
Spiced Rum
Fill your glass with plenty of ice! Add a single shot of espresso and a single shot of rum (or just leave out!) and then top with cold milk! You're done! Enjoy the swirly mesmerising coffee and milk mixing!
If you haven't got time to make drinks, or these don't take your fancy then not to worry! Getting ice cubes in the freezer and having a few lovely garnishes (mint, strawberries, or simply a lemon wedge are great options) to hand will mean your drink will definitely go up a notch or two!
Keep an eye out for the rest of our essential guide, next we'll be giving you some quick, easy rules for some favourite games to avoid any future arguments. 
To find out all you need for your perfect night in, click here for the complete guide.
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