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Personalised Gift Animal Socks - Lobster

Personalised Gift Animal Socks - Lobster

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Lobsters in love creating a heart. These personalised socks are the perfect gift for someone you want to say "you're my lobster" to!

Lobsters are animals which mate for life and can often be seen walking around claw in claw with their partner. The famous phrase 'you're my lobster' was coined to celebrate true life long love and partnership. These loving lobsters will make a perfect personalised gift for your partner or loved one on Valentines Day, they are original and unique. The lobsters were hand drawn in our Derbyshire workshop, and all our socks are made to order.

These socks are also ideal from weddings, anniversaries and a gift for a best friend. Who doesn’t love when lobsters get cute! 

A name can be added alongside each lobster.

Available in men's and women's

made from:

70% Cotton 14% Polyester 14%Nylon 2% Lycra

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