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Scaredy Cats Hide Here Personalised Jumper

Scaredy Cats Hide Here Personalised Jumper

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Do you have a friend that is a massive scaredy cat? Does their hair go higher than the cats does? Do they scream at every single jump part of the movies? Then this jumper is the perfect one for them this Halloween.

No need to get the mountain of cushions out, or the giant throw from of the bed, or better yet the cat out of his bed... you now have the ultimate jumper and watching horror movies power! This jumper enables you to hide whenever you want without no one knowing (of course they can read) but your sat in the dark it is Halloween after all.

Peek away or hide where you want to in this personalised Halloween sweatshirt. We all know someone that needs this jumper for Halloween, or maybe your the scaredy cat that needs something to hide behind then perfect here it is! Hide away my friend!

A super fun black jumper with the message 'Scaredy Cats Hide Here'. along with the personalisation of the wearers initials inside the circle part next to the kitty cat.

Great for friends, mums, dads, sons and daughters.

Our jumpers are made from super soft cotton, and make the wearer as snug and cosy as can be. 

Made from:

80% Cotton

20% Polyester 


Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large


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