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Wearable Hot Water Bottle With Uterus Design

Wearable Hot Water Bottle With Uterus Design

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Hot Water Bottle Colour

A wearable hot bottle with a very cute uterus design - perfect for those who love a hottie when suffering with period pains.

An amazing get well soon gift, a perfect pick me up or just a kindness for a friend who suffers with period pains, endometriosis or just love the soothing heat.

This is a hot water bottle that works perfectly as it stays attached to you! Meaning you can carry on with work or chores... or who are we kidding, reaching over to pick up some more chocolate!

We designed this heated body pouch as a great get well soon gift for those who suffer with period pains and we wanted to give a cute design to really highlight what the female body can go through.

There is an option to add a name or message to the banner in the design.

This is a one size fits all velcro attached wearable heat pack with a pouch for a traditional hot water bottle. IT can be worn on the front or back or even over the shoulders.

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